Revolutionizing Heavy Plate Handling: Fertema’s Magnet Control Unit

In the world of heavy plate handling in challenging conditions, who understands the needs better than those who listen to the voice of the customer? At Fertema, customer satisfaction is not just a priority—it’s ingrained in our DNA. Recognizing the unique requirements of our customers for their production processes, we have consistently made it a practice to heed their voices.

One crucial aspect that resonates with every company, regardless of its industry, is the demand for a hassle-free installation and commissioning process. Anyone who has been a part of commissioning activities involving multiple companies and interfaces understands the complexities and challenges involved. Language barriers, minor misunderstandings in interactions, or confusion over technical details can result in a cascade of extra work.

Fertema Magnet Control Unit: Streamlining Operations

Our commitment to simplicity and efficiency led us to develop the Fertema Magnet Control Unit, addressing the key concerns voiced by our valued customers.

1. Integration at Its Best! : The intricate and advanced use of electromagnets typically necessitates a control cabinet, conventionally installed on the roof crane along with a backup battery pack to ensure safe operation during potential power interruptions.

Breaking away from the traditional approach, we’ve seamlessly integrated the magnet control unit and backup battery pack directly onto the beam of the magnetic lifter. This innovative solution eliminates the need for integration with crane manufacturers.

2. Unmatched Flexibility: The Fertema Magnet Control Unit offers unparalleled flexibility. Easily unhook it, and voila! Your crane is free for other lifting operations. No more unnecessary delays or complications—just a fast, easy, and 100% hassle-free experience.

At Fertema, we understand that time is money, and efficiency is key. Our Magnet Control Unit is designed not just to meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring a seamless and productive heavy plate handling experience. Upgrade to Fertema and experience a new era in material handling technology.